Boxed set of 8 golden retriever greeting cards and envelopes featuring unique golden retriever images on the outside and inside with greetings on the inside top of the card. Delight your friends and family with an image of beautiful golden retrievers smiling along with the one of the following greetings: 1) What makes a good day even better? ~ A Golden Smile!, 2) What’s better than a Golden smile? ~ Two Golden Smiles!, 3) What’s better than two Golden smiles? ~ Three Golden Smiles! and  4) The secret to having a great day? ~ Smile like a Golden! If you really want to make someone’s day, don’t just send an email or a text, send them a golden retriever greeting card!

  • Boxed set of 8 Golden Retriever Greeting Cards and Envelopes
  • 4 Golden Images on the front, 4 on the inside with the greetings on inside top of card (2 cards of each)
  • Create and printed in the USA
  • Golden Joy I, Golden Joy II and Golden Moments greeting cards also available
  • Available on Amazon

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