Hey there, Trog here to share a little bit about us and why in the world in this age of ubiquitous platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and others would we bother with having our own website. We’ll get to that in a bit.

Cliff Notes Version

We’re not sure anyone spends the time to read these “Who We Are” or “About Us” blurbs, but anyway, this probably falls into the TL;DR category so here is the Cliff Notes version:

  • Photography was an early passion, but life happened and was put on the backburner
  • Golden retrievers entered our lives around same time that digital photography was emerging
  • Goldens along with digital technology re-ignited passion for photography
  • Eventually led to Trog’s Dogs brand and our products
  • Websites are still worth the effort even in the age of Facebook, Instagram and other platforms

Golden Retrievers

First, let’s discuss what this site mostly revolves around: golden retrievers. My wife and I were lucky to be blessed with our first golden almost two decades ago. Shadow was such a joy, so much so that we decided that one just wasn’t enough. So we got another, and another . . . well, you get the picture.

And although we share our lives with goldens, we have developed a fondness for all canines and have come to appreciate the love and the bond that develops between humans and our furry friends. They really are angels on earth, and their time here with us is not nearly long enough.

As the 6-year old boy said in the story a veterinarian once shared about the kid’s family losing their 10-year Irish Wolfhound named Becker: “People are born so that they can learn how to live a good life – like loving everyone all the time and being nice, right? Well, dogs already know how to do that, so they don’t have to stay for as long as we do.”

Trog’s Dogs

Photography was one of my first passions, and I began my photographic journey in the era of film – I know, the age of the abacus, stone and chisel, and dinosaurs ruled the planet, and so on.

As we all know, life gets in the way and so it was with photography for a good stretch of time. Not long after we got our first golden, digital photography was coming into its own. I was not an early adopter, but once I embarked on the digital journey, it re-ignited my passion for photography. If only there was some way I could practice and hone my photographic skills . . . of course, those goldens will do!

After many years and thousands of photos later, we introduced Trog’s Dogs as a brand and started publishing an annual calendar. And then we published some greeting cards, and most recently a children’s book called Puppies Love.

Why a Website?

So back to why bother with a website. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and so on are great platforms for communicating and sharing and serve a great need for many people. In fact, we have a Facebook page called Trog’s Dogs. But we feel there are limitations to these platforms when it comes to displaying, viewing and organizing images and other content.

And once an image or post slips out of the feed, well, there it goes for the most part. At least with a website, there is complete control over the content, how it’s presented, for how long, and how it is organized and displayed for those who wish to take the time to view and read all about it.

Clearly, the social platforms have made it very easy for everyone to participate on the web which is a good thing. And although I don’t have any data for support, this has probably led to a decrease in the number of people visiting websites. In spite of this, we web on; we just can’t help ourselves.

What you will find on Trog’s Dogs website

Trog’s Dogs is mostly a visual experience with images the prominent theme. The main components of the site are blog posts and image galleries organized by categories and tags; there may also be a few videos from time to time. In addition, from time to time we’ll try to offer some informative articles about our wonderful furry friends.

And since we do like to print and create physical goods, there is a shop where you can purchase our products if you are so inclined. Amazon offers a wonderful buying experience, so all of our physical products are also available on their site.

On the website will also be various pages of this and that, and other odds and ends, some legal stuff, and a contact page if you want to reach out to us. It is a labor of love (and time and resources), and we do hope you find the Trog’s Dogs experience on all of your devices a pleasant one. If not, there is that contact page we mentioned above where you can let us know all about it.

Thank you for stopping by, and we will do our best to add new content in a timely fashion so that you feel compelled to come back from time to time. Have a blessed day!