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Happy 9th Birthday Paczki!

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Happy 9th Birthday to our precious Paczki! Even though you haven't been able to continue your therapy work because of the virus, you still find a way to bring smiles to many people. We love you so much Paczki, and here's to many more trips around the sun!

  • Happy Paczki Day!

Happy Paczki Day!

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Paczki is our 8-year old golden retriever, and she's such a gentle angel. She's a certified therapy dog, and has visited over 800 patients through the years at Northwest Community Hospital in the Chicago suburbs. She also participates in Reading to Rover programs at local elementary schools and loves to listen patiently as kids read books to her. Since today is her namesake (after all, she is white and full of sugar), just what is Paczki and what is Paczki Day?

  • ZuZu is part of the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study run by the Morris Animal Foundation

Golden Retriever Lifetime Study

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ZuZu is one of 3,000+ golden retrievers in the US participating in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study (GRLS) sponsored by the Morris Animal Foundation. The goldens in the study are referred to as Heroes (ZuZu is Hero #2334), and the Heroes siblings are called supporters.

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Cirque du Goldens

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This December morning the air was still, full of moisture and frost covered the grass. Before the sun rose too high and started to melt the icy crystals would be a perfect time to let the beasts out back and play. They love the cold, and they could run with abandon and wouldn't need to have their paws wiped down when they came back in . . .

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Patiently Waiting

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Being the youngest means that sometimes you have to wait for the big sisters to finish what they're doing before you can play. Ginger watches her sisters intently while patiently waiting with her front feet tucked right underneath her.

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